Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby's Total Health Newsletter #94. Week ending Nov 27th, 2011.
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  1. Is This The Age Of Anxiety?
  2. Senility Is Inflammation
  3. HFCS and Cancer, Heart Disease, Liver Damage, Diabetes, etc etc etc
  4. Me In A Cerise Jacket (But What Am I Doing?)
  5. Irritable Bowel The Truth

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"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."
--Mark Twain



1. Is This The Age Of Anxiety?

The labeling of our times has run the gamut from the 'Space Age' to the 'Age of Aquarius' to the age of 'Sexual Revolution'. However, the one epithet that probably fits more accurately than all the rest is the 'Age of Anxiety'.

Anxiety is the one negative force that cuts through all levels of society affecting the rich and poor, young and old alike. Anxieties and tensions are insidious forces which exist below the surface of your awareness, smoldering and building up, until you reach a 'breaking point' and explode in a fit of anger or a violent argument, or some other unreasoned behavior.

It also manifests in over-indulgence in food, alcohol, cigarettes, sex or work,"pumping up" (gym), in headaches, fatigue, impotence, clumsiness, sleepless nights, or any number of physical ailments.

Conscious worry and fear also enter the picture to compound the feeling of frustration already being experienced because you are not able to identify the source of the unconscious anxiety and thus eliminate it.

Consequently, if you are like most people, you will gulp down a handful of pills to alleviate that dull aching feeling, or your 'escape' will be in the form of the after-work booze-up. Or you'll change your job, or get a divorce, or move to another town, or some psychologist will tell you to 'adjust' to your problems.

Or you will grin and bear it because your religious leader piously proclaims that sorrow is this life's just reward, and so on.
But you find that you receive nothing but temporary relief and that you carry your problems with you wherever you go and whatever you do.

To add to this state of tension, is the sense of 'alienation' that modern society produces. A sense of isolation, separation, loneliness, powerlessness, apathy, non-involvement, pessimism, meaninglessness, rootlessness, and lack of authentic values.

Alienation may be described as that state in which the individual feels dislocated from himself, from others, from the world in general. With mechanization, specialization and automation increasing every day, man has become lost in the giant machinery he once controlled and created, and thereupon he has become a mere 'cog in the machine' - mechanized, reutilized, depersonalized, apathetic, insignificant, an object to be manipulated.

With the threat of nuclear annihilation on the one side, and on the other promises of a super-abundant age of leisure from the resources of high technology, man has become confused, uncertain and schizoid because he cannot relate to or solve problems of such magnitude.

With the instant communications systems of mass media, informing Western man of the struggles for freedom of men throughout the world, he feels helpless in his inability to do anything about the situation.

Learning about constant crime, the world seems a dangerous place. And stuck in urban dwellings, he becomes increasingly isolated from Nature with all of its beauty, peace and refreshing naturalness.

And while the population of the world is exploding at a fantastic rate, he finds increasing difficulty just communicating with his neighbor.

Thus it is that man drifts aimlessly through a world seemingly without meaning or purpose - a world he created but over which he no longer exercises conscious control or power.

Man today has lost his identity and his purpose for existing. He has lost his sense of the Game of Life. He is an unknowing and unwilling games player. Never before has man been so much of a problem to himself.

Why does man, with all his intelligence, allow this situation to exist? Is there a practical answer? Man does not know himself.

The task now before you is to begin to know yourself. To possess self-knowledge you must first become free of illusions about yourself, the people around you, and the Universe. Until you begin to understand your illusions you will never be free to see the truth about yourself or anything else. That is, as knowingness, not 'knowing about'.

Illusions consist of all sorts of mistaken ideas you hold about yourself, false assumptions as to your abilities, erroneous concepts about your place and purpose in the world, and so forth. It is difficult to break-up these illusions because they are deeply engrained habit patterns.

To be able to change, which is the only way to gain self-knowledge and freedom, you must do things you have never done before, and recognize that viewpoints that you were determined must be right, may possibly be wrong.

The greatest barrier to consciousness is the belief that one is already conscious. Just considering the matter, one for an instant wakes-up, then returns to slumber in the illusion that, yes, he is conscious.

The truth of the matter is that 99% of the time, man is behaving mechanically - he is determined by external influences.

Nearly all of man's thoughts, ideas, emotions, aspirations, words and moods are triggered by external influences. Events, circumstances and trains of thought trigger this reactive mind automatically, according to his previous conditioning, upbringing, education and experiences, and his innate human nature, instincts and drives.

The application of free will is only possible if vision is unblinkered by preconceived fixed ideas or reverence to singular ideologies and cultural norms; this requires relative freedom from this reactive agglomeration.

The subconscious and unconscious minds play the major role in controlling your life and behavior, when you are not fully awake and self-aware in the present moment. In the normal human person it is responsible for over 90% of everyday thoughts, feelings, motivations, desires, prejudices, anxieties, tensions, illnesses, illusions, personality problems, and everyday behavior.

I'll tell you more about what to do about that in the next installment.

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2. Senility Is Inflammation

Be in no doubt about this. I've been telling you for years. Inflammation is the core of aging. You have to quench that fire to age well.

Senility and dementia also stem directly from inflammation. Those who show signs of inflammation move earlier and quicker into cognitive dysfunction.

It was always thought that in aging our immune systems deteriorate. That's not strictly true. It changes in character. Those who stay fit in mind and body till extreme age have a vibrant immune system. But it is different from that of early life.

With age, immune cells called T-cells become more like natural killer (NK) cells, which typically target tumor cells and virus-infected cells. Now a new study that people who were most physically and cognitively resilient had a dominant pattern of stimulatory NK receptors on the T-cell surface, and that these unusual T-cells can be activated directly through these NK receptors independently of the conventional ones.

The functionally resilient elders also show less inflammation and signs of a positive functioning immune system.

Conversely, those who aged badly had a dominant pattern of inhibitory NK receptors on their T-cells, and a cytokine profile indicating a pro-inflammatory environment.

Inhibitory NK cells, if you don't get it, means more susceptibility to disease, especially cancer.
All this was demonstrated neatly by a recent study (Oct 2011) from the University of Pittsburg. The findings were published in the Public Library of Science (PLoS).

The researchers concluded that there is remodeling or adaptation of the immune system as we age that can be either protective or detrimental. It's a kind of immunological fingerprint that can identify individuals who are more likely to stay physically and cognitively well.1

These findings are supported by other studies, suggesting that people who take anti-inflammatories, such as ibuprofen are less likely to get Alzheimer's, in fact 50% less likely!

It all adds up. Growing old and doddery is inflammation, not wear and tear, genes, telomeres and any of that other stuff. It's fire inside.

Better get those antioxidants down fast, plenty of omega-3s (brilliant against inflammation). And cut the sugar: that's highly inflammatory.

See also my recent piece of inflammation due to chronic stealth pathogens here: stealth pathogens and probiotics against inflammation here: probiotics stop inflammation

1. Abbe N. Vallejo, David L. Hamel, Robert G. Mueller, Diane G. Ives, Joshua J. Michel, Robert M. Boudreau, Anne B. Newman. NK-Like T Cells and Plasma Cytokines, but Not Anti-Viral Serology, Define Immune Fingerprints of Resilience and Mild Disability in Exceptional Aging. PLoS ONE, 2011; 6 (10): e26558 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0026558


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3. HFCS and Cancer, Heart Disease, Liver Damage, Diabetes, etc etc etc

This is a great piece by Al Sears MD. He says it all; I see no point in me writing it all again in my own style! Since I'm stealing from him, I'd better give you his website address, so you can go sign up with him (see end of article).
The people who make high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) haven't let up in their TV advertising. They're still out there claiming their chemically produced concoction is the same as natural sugar.

The corn it's made from isn't even "natural" any more. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 86% of all corn grown in America is genetically engineered.1

The enzymes needed to make the high fructose corn syrup are also genetically modified. And this enzyme application is an extra processing step that even refined sugar doesn't go through.

Another extra step used to make high fructose corn syrup is to use caustic soda in the processing. Problem is, this stuff can get contaminated with mercury.

In one study, half of the HFCS samples tested had mercury. Mercury was also found in a third of the off-the-shelf commercial foods where HFCS is the first or second labeled ingredient.2

And it's not just how it's processed or where it comes from. It's what your body does with it after you eat or drink HFCS.

Natural fructose occurs in the fiber of fruit. Because it's locked in the fiber, it normally absorbs into your bloodstream slowly, giving your liver time to release it gradually as glucose, the sugar your body uses for energy.

HFCS literally floods your bloodstream, overwhelming your liver's processing capacity. This can lead to liver damage not unlike the kind that afflicts alcoholics. Animals given a diet high in HFCS suffer severe cirrhosis of the liver—scarring, dead tissue, and poor liver function. Their livers look a lot like those of hardcore alcoholics.

And your pancreas – the organ that produces insulin – really isn't designed to handle high doses of concentrated fructose.

In one study, researchers bathed human pancreatic cancer cells in both fructose and glucose. Fructose worked just as well to make cancer cells spread quickly. Not only that, but fructose triggered the expression of a certain enzyme that made both sugar sources more readily available to the cancer cells.

Other research has suggested that dietary fructose may also boost your risk of developing pancreatic cancer in addition to feeding it. One study found that people with pancreatic cancer had 2.5 times more fructose in their blood than people without it.

And now there's a brand new study showing that concentrated fructose like HFCS can even affect babies in the womb.
In an animal study done in New Zealand, researchers fed pregnant mothers high levels of fructose to see how their babies would develop. The mothers got overweight, and were producing too much insulin.

The female babies from the fructose-fed mothers were well on their way to being diabetic. They all produced too little insulin, and had high blood sugar.

The male babies also suffered from producing too little insulin. But they had an additional problem. They had high levels of BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate). This is a chemical your body produces for energy in your brain when you can't process sugar the right way. You make it when your brain is starving.

Besides brain starvation and diabetes, there are other effects you suffer from HFCS. That's because the corn used to make the sweetener might be genetically modified.

Fructose is also known to break down ATP, the molecule that gives you energy. In fact, when they want to test nutrients that will give you more energy, they use concentrated fructose like HFCS to first degrade your ATP stores.3

Unfortunately, because it's so cheap to produce and easy to add to foods, HFCS is showing up in foods you might not imagine needed to be sweetened. Stove Top stuffing, Starbuck's frappuccinos, cough syrup, cottage cheese, baked beans... the list goes on.

Chemically produced corn syrup is one of the best arguments I can think of for eating foods the way they occur naturally – or as close as you can get these days.

Anything with cane sugar is going to be better than something with HFCS. Your body is made to be able to handle foods with natural sugar. Just help your body out by choosing foods that, if they have sugar, are low on the glycemic index (GI). You can use Al's glycemic index chart here.

What's a healthy GI number? Many raw foods, including greens, meat and nuts have a GI of zero, which is great to shoot for. But try not to eat foods with a GI of more than 50.

1 Economic Research Service. "Adoption of Genetically Engineered Crops in the U.S.: Corn Varieties." USDA 2010
2 Dufault R, LeBlanc B, Schnoll R, Cornett C, Schweitzer L, Wallinga D, Hightower J, Patrick L, Lukiw WJ. "Mercury from chlor-alkali plants: measured concentrations in food product sugar. Environ Health. 2009 Jan 26;8:2.
3 Lestan B, Walden K, Schmaltz S, Spychala J, Fox IH. "Beta-Hydroxybutyrate decreases adenosine triphosphate degradation products in human subjects." J Lab Clin Med. 1994 Aug;124(2):199-209.

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4. Me In A Cerise Jacket (But What Am I doing?)


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5. Irritable Bowel The Truth

Yet another “I Told ‘Em!” (30 years ago). This is starting to get embarrassing.

You all know my pivotal place in the history of food allergies and bringing them to public attention.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) was one of the easiest things to solve. Just stop eating the allergy foods! Now scientists have “discovered” that if you restrict peoples’ diet, the IBS is much better (if they had done it exactly the way I describe in my Diet Wise book, it would have disappeared altogether!)

Their plan was to have patients avoid some fancy sugars. It’s called the FODMAP diet (fermentable, oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols).

These sugars are found in wheat, rye, onion, garlic, leeks, artichokes, mushrooms, cauliflower, snow peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, milk products except hard cheese, honey, apples, pears, watermelon, mangos, stone fruits, high-fructose corn syrup, sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol, and xylitol. And more.

So avoiding those is going to improve a great many people, right? In fact it’s a rather severe elimination diet. Although the allowed foods included bananas, blueberries, grapes, oranges, tomatoes, maple syrup, gluten-free breads and cereals, rice noodles and rice, water crackers, oats, polenta, broccoli, bok choy, carrot, cucumber, green beans, sweet potato, olives, lactose-free milk, rice milk, hard cheeses, butter, margarine, and soy yogurt.

What happened was they dumped the patients on this diet for over a year (ugh!). About three quarters stuck to it and, interestingly, about three quarters got better!

The trouble is, because they don’t know how to do this properly, they never follow through. That means to re-introduce banned foods, one at a time, and figure out which are the chief offenders. THOSE are the foods to avoid.

[SOURCE: American College of Gastroenterology's 76th Annual Scientific Meeting, Washington D.C., Oct. 28-Nov. 2, 2011].

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So, that's all for this week!

Be well; find the sacred in all you do, otherwise don't do it!


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