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Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby's Total Health Newsletter #59. Week ending Aug 1st, 2010
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  1. Love Your Liver! Guard It Well; It's Your Life
  2. Are People Free To Wreck Themselves And Should We Pay The Price?
  3. Is This A Sick Joke?
  4. Housekeeping For My Websites
  5. Dental Health And Heart Disease... More!
  6. What's In A Word? Unusually long and informative this week!

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This Week's Quote:

"To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.”

--Gilbert Keith Chesterton, novelist and essayist



1. LOVE YOUR LIVER! Guard It Well; It's Your Life...

The eBook is finally finished. This was the second book you asked me to write in that last survey we did. I respect your wishes and so it is done! As I mentioned in issue 58, I was unsure whether to charge money or give it away. I truly believe that free stuff is NOT properly appreciated. Besides, who is to pay the designer and graphic artist? Am I supposed to throw that in free too? (some readers are nodding their heads I know!)

liver ebook cover

It's a great report, packed with good stuff as usual. It's a PDF download. Do NOT order it and then write to tell me or Viv that you didn't realize it was a digital document (people do that, every launch, believe it or not and waste a considerable amount of our time)

FACT: Your liver is your largest organ (if we discount the skin) and your largest gland too. Every day it processes 100 gallons of blood, cleaning and removing deadly toxins. It secretes bile, which is not only essential for digestion but did you know it’s one of our major routes of excretion of toxins, such as heavy metals!

Your liver is an amazing chemical factory! But because it stands at the crossroads of almost all biotransformation (detox) processes in our bodies, it is especially vulnerable to hurt or damage.

I'll teach you why the health and vitality of your liver is essential for zestful, joyous living. Not only that, but I’ll show what you need to do to help your liver get into peak condition.

Big secret revealed: I’ll tell you the #1 threat to your liver (and it’s NOT alcohol). Contrary to what most people think, alcohol is not the main cause of cirrhosis (only 6%). The top threat to your liver I’m going to reveal accounts for over 50% of cases of cirrhosis and liver transplants.

Quite a number of you reading this newsletter are already damaging your liver in this way...

OK, for those of you who know me and trust me and want to get on with it, click this link here and take a peek at the price I'm asking. You'll fall off your chair laughing! Not that I'm being a sucker. I just thought, for a lark, I'd ask this price! The book, by the way, is 50 pages packed with info; I said no white space to the designer!

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For those of you who don't know me that well, go here to read a little more about my Love Your Liver eBook: http://www.informed-wellness.com/liver/



2. Are People Free To Wreck Themselves And Should We Pay The Price?

Is that a freedom or an entitlement? Are we "free" to hurt ourselves and then have others pay the bill? It's a hot question right now in Europe. People who overeat and are obese should contribute to the inevitable extra healthcare costs, according to certain German politicians.

Naturally, there is an outcry, mostly from the opposition who would attack anything on principle. But emotions run high and comparisons with Hitler’s Nazi socialist principles have been used.

But wait a minute. Don’t WE have a freedom too? Don’t people who care about the social machine have freedom too, and a right NOT to pay for gluttonous people who overeat, despite all medical advice to the contrary, and then fall on the health care system as a financial burden?

I think we do. Freedom cuts both ways, surely?

Of course the protagonists in this war of words are chiefly the politicians, who are woefully ignorant of issues. One idiot said chocolate should carry a health warning! What, like this? Warning: chocolate can seriously improve your health and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer!

But there are balanced, reasoned views for the argument: “I think it’s sensible that people who knowingly live unhealthily carry a responsibility for it in a financial respect,” said Marco Wanderwitz, the conservative MP for the state of Saxony and also head of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats’s group of young parliamentarians .

“The question must be admitted whether the immense costs that, for example, arise from excessive consumption of food, can be permanently paid out of the consolidated health system.” Wanderwitz likens it to tobacco, where consumers are taxed heavily and the money used towards health care.

Das Bild, the German newspaper, estimated that treatment for obesity-related illnesses cost Germany some $25 billion a year [I found some US figures from 2003: costs may have reached as high as $78.5 billion, according to the CDC website. Lord knows what the 2010 figures will be].

Germany’s health system is funded by a series of mandatory health insurance funds, all of which are reporting serious deficits as the system is overused.

Well, it’s not just a problem in Germany. So, when medical bills are shared by the community, as with the German system, Medicare or the British NHS, who should pay all the extra costs? The gluttons, or the rest of us that manage to control our immoderate appetites and have the will to go out for some exercize now and again?

The Nazism comment was made by Drew Kaplan, a good Jew who, I suppose predictably, wants to see everything German as Hitler-oriented. Sorry Drew, I’m not Jewish, or Nazi, and I like to think I’m moderate and sensible, a little to the right of center. But I have rights too. What about me and others like me?



3. Is This A Sick Joke? (well, that was a deliberate pun!)

To reduce your risk of being killed or injured by wrong medications, follow these suggestions from the American Academy of Family Physicians. It’s tips on how patients can “Help Prevent Medical Errors”:

Give each of your doctors a complete list of every drug and supplement you take -- including prescriptions, OTCs, supplements, vitamins and herbs. Update this list at least once a year.

Make sure your doctor knows all of your allergies and adverse reactions to medications or substances.

Make sure each of your doctors has a complete medical history.

Have your doctor write prescriptions legibly and clearly to avoid errors at the pharmacy.

Ask questions about your medications before you start taking them.

Make sure your doctor or pharmacist gives you written information about potential side effects.

Is this a sick joke? Since when was the patient responsible for seeing the doctor did his or her job properly? Any competent doctor should include all these points in a consultation and on no account offer any treatment, without having the answers to point 1- 3 on hand!

Neither is it realistic that a patient could be in the position of saying “Excuse me Doctor, you’ve written 400 milligrams here, shouldn’t that read micrograms?" and "You’ve put stat when surely you mean q.i.d?”

As to the handwriting: who can possibly improve another person’s handwriting? It is a notorious fact from a recent survey that US doctors only spend an average of 18 seconds before they reach for their prescription pad and start doling out medicine. If doctors are in such a hurry to get their patients out of the office, then clearly a hasty scribble is all they are capable of.



4. Housekeeping For My Websites

Let me tell you about a bit of simple housekeeping you'll become aware of in the next couple of weeks or so. I'm am loading a number of so-called autoresponders for the many different lists I have.

I spend more hours each week writing emails and follow ups than I do writing books! The idea is to automate this process. Whenever a task is done more than once, setting it up automatically is a good idea and easy to do with computers and the Internet.

So I'm writing lots of helpful emails; some pointing out special pages on my website (and other peoples' websites); and some offering products for sale.

That's all normal. The reason I am telling you this is that when I enter an automated email, I can't stop the system immediately sending it out to everybody on that list. That happens, even if you've already had the information! So just delete it and get on with life. Please don't let yourself feel hassled. It's a once and only thing.

Examples. Here are a couple of webpages you may have missed or forgotten about:

The old "Alternative-Doctor-Radio" site (it's still up there!)

Love What You Do (still one of the biggest favorites among my writings)



5. Dental Health and Heart Disease... More!

Somebody wrote and chewed me up* last time I wrote about this topic (Serendipity 53), saying it was all nonsense that teeth infections can cause heart problems. Not a doctor, incidentally, just an "expert"! [I just noticed the word incidentally has the word "dental" buried inside it!]

The facts are quite clear. People with periodontal disease are nearly twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease as those without, according to the American Academy of Periodontology. One theory is that oral bacteria attach to fatty plaques in the coronary arteries and contribute to the clots that can lead to heart attacks. Another is that inflammation increases plaque buildup.

Recent analysis suggests that common oral problems could increase the risk of cardiac problems. Indra Mustapha, DDS, a periodontist who teaches at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and colleagues analyzed the results of other research studies and found that periodontal disease with signs of bacterial exposure was associated with greater risk of heart disease.

The American Heart Association states, "At this time, promoting dental treatment expressly to prevent atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and/or acute cardiovascular events is not recommended."

Like I said, in my book Virtual Medicine, oral disease was the#1 trigger for heart fatalities at the start of the 20th century (leading to common fatal infections in the heart and around the body). At the end of the 20 century gum disease was back as the #1 predictor of heart health.

So why would the American Heart Association not freely encourage dental and oral care? Because they are stupid old dodos.

Other conditions that indicate a link between dental health and overall health include:

Preemies. Ob-Gyns have always known that hidden infections in the mother may lead to an increase in the risk of premature birth. Severe periodontal disease is just another type of infection. Fortunately, studies show that early treatment of gum disease and improved oral hygiene in women can reduce their risk of premature birth.

Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis and tooth loss often go hand in hand because the same decrease in mineral density that boosts the risk of hip and other fractures affects the jawbone and teeth.

Rheumatoid arthritis. A study released in June 2008 found that patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) were nearly eight times more likely to have periodontal disease.

Alzheimer's disease. A 2005 study of identical twins showed that in twin pairs where one had dementia and the other didn't, the ones with dementia were four times more likely to have gum disease by midlife.

Maybe my "expert" correspondent doesn't clean her teeth regularly and doesn't want to believe it!

* Did you spot the pun?



6. What's In A Word?

Also spelled broo-hah-hah and brouhaha.

1. excited public interest, discussion, or the like, as the clamor attending some sensational event; hullabaloo: The brouhaha followed disclosures of graft at City Hall.
2. an episode involving excitement, confusion, turmoil, etc., esp. a broil over a minor or ridiculous cause: A brouhaha by the baseball players resulted in three black eyes.



So, that's all for this week!

Be well; find the sacred in all you do, otherwise don't do it!


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